Update from Tiree Medical Practice 2nd July 2021

Dear Islanders and Visitors,

The Medical Practice would like to ask all residents and visitors to please read the following sections of the NHS inform online COVID information.  These sections contain the guidance for testing and isolation in the event of developing COVID symptoms or being identified as a contact of a person with COVID



The ‘Test and Protect’ guidance on testing states:-

If you have symptoms, book a PCR test. 

You should also book a PCR test if:

  • you’ve been asked to get a test by a health protection team
  • you’ve been asked to get a test to confirm a positive result
  • you’ve been identified as a close contact through Test and Protect or the Protect Scotland app

If any of the above applies to you, in addition to following self-isolation guidelines, you will need to contact the Medical Practice to obtain a PCR test.  We will provide you with the PCR test kit and explain the process for getting completed test kit back to us when you have completed it. PCR tests cannot be posted from Tiree but must be air freighted to Glasgow, which we will organise.  

Lateral Flow Tests, are only suitable for people who have no symptoms of COVID. They are intended to help identify people who may have coronavirus, but who are not showing symptoms of it.  It is of no use in people who do have symptoms, who all need a PCR test.   It is highly likely that in the coming months a great many people will need to carry out lateral flow test multiple times.  The Medical Practice CANNOT provide the quantities of Lateral Flow tests kits needed for this.  You must obtain your own by ordering them online on the government website at the address below.  It takes two minutes to order.  They are available free of charge and will be delivered to your home. 


In order that the Medical Practice can provide all the usual medical services the island needs, and keep on top of the demand for COVID testing, we need people to make use of the Government guidance, and use the Test and Protect system.  If you are still unsure of something, having read the guideline, there is a government Coronavirus Helpline on 08000 282816. If you still have a question you cannot get an answer to, we will try to help, but please do read and follow the guidance; it provides all the answers you are likely to need. 

Best wishes to all,

Tiree Medical Practice 

Update from Tiree Medical Practice 2nd July 2021
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