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Just arrived?

Welcome! Please be aware:

  • Bùth a’ Bhaile and the Co-op are enforcing rules relating to the number of people in the shops. Please read the shopping page for more information.
  • You MUST make your host aware if you feel ill at any point.
  • Self-isolate if you have symptoms and book a test by calling the surgery – 01879 220 323


We are once again able to welcome visitors. We are delighted to be able to do that! We also want to highlight a few things that you might find useful whilst you are here.

Community safety

We are a small community with a high proportion of elderly residents. Whilst our houses are far apart, and there is lots of open space, it doesn’t mean that community in Tiree is safer than communities on the mainland.

We all use the shops, the bank and the post office. These are the places where the risk of infection is highest – everyone uses these central points.

Imagine the 3 big shiny shopping trolleys at the Co-op. We all use them, because they are big and shiny. That means that at any moment we could be only 3 shopping trolleys away from an outbreak.

For that reason, we have specific posts about the rules in shops and we ask that you take the time to read them.

In particular, we want to draw attention to:

  • In all Scottish shops, face coverings are MANDATORY.
  • CO-OP – No shopping Mon, Wed, Thur 12.30-14.30 Fri & Sat 11.00-13.00 You will not be allowed to enter.
  • BOTH SHOPS – One member of a group in the shop only. No children.
  • BOTH SHOPS – If the shop is busy, you will be asked to queue until told to enter.


The majority of island businesses are operating as normal, but will be practicing social distancing as per government guidelines. We do recommend that you contact the businesses directly, or check their facebook pages for the latest information!

We look forward to welcoming you and thank you in advance for keeping our community safe by continuing to follow government guidance even whilst on holiday!

Keep to the FACTS

  • Face coverings.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Clean hands regularly.
  • Two metre distance.
  • Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms (Tiree Medical Practice – 01879 220 323).

Must read posts

Please familiarise yourself with the guidelines for using shops in Tiree.

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