Scottish Government Announcment 23rd Feburary 2021

The First Minister’s announcement on 23 February sets out the revised Strategic Framework for lifting Covid restrictions . 

This details a number of target dates and lifting of restrictions subject to meeting specified indicators.  

At the moment only essential travel to Tiree is allowed and, according to the revised Strategic Framework this restriction will remain in place until at least 26 April.

If the public health and vaccination criteria have been met by 26 April the aim is that the whole of Scotland will move from Level 4 restrictions to Level 3 restrictions with an indication that reviews will be every three weeks thereafter.

It is possible some island and rural areas, such as Tiree, may be moved to Level 2 restrictions at the same time. Level 3 restrictions currently only permit non essential travel within a local authority area.

Level 3 restrictions also stipulate that non essential use of public transport, which includes ferries, should be avoided. Additionally, under the regulations, there should be no non essential travel into or out of Level 3 or higher areas.

We are not quite there yet, but we very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to Tiree when it is safe and permitted to do so.
As things stand, non essential travel to Tiree is unlikely to be possible until at least 26 April and will be subject to Level restrictions after that.

Scottish Government Announcment 23rd Feburary 2021
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