Latest updates

Update from Tiree Medical Practice 2nd July 2021

Dear Islanders and Visitors, The Medical Practice would like to ask all residents and visitors to please read the following sections of the NHS inform online COVID information.  These sections contain the guidance for testing and isolation in the event of developing COVID symptoms or being identified as a contact of a person with COVID […]

Update from Tiree Medical Practice – 28th May 2021

Message to all visitors to the island from Tiree Medical Practice Would accommodation providers please consider making a copy of this information available to their visitors. We are happy to see the return of summer temporary residents and regular holiday visitors to the island, and we welcome holidaymakers visiting Tiree for the first time.  Whichever applies […]

Scottish Government Announcment 23rd Feburary 2021

The First Minister’s announcement on 23 February sets out the revised Strategic Framework for lifting Covid restrictions .  This details a number of target dates and lifting of restrictions subject to meeting specified indicators.   At the moment only essential travel to Tiree is allowed and, according to the revised Strategic Framework this restriction will remain in place […]

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