Do you have a residential property in Tiree that is currently unused, under-used or operated for short-term holiday lets? Would you potentially consider offering the property on a long term basis for let to a Tiree resident family or key worker?

We are currently aware of a number of serious needs for long-term lets among the community, including people we might lose from Tiree unless secure long-term housing options can be found for them. We are also frequently seeing key posts in critical services remain unfilled in Tiree due to lack of housing for someone to come here to take up the post. These sorts of challenges can undermine the long-term sustainability of our community, leaving businesses unable to operate effectively.

Recent research conducted in Tiree for us by the Community Housing Trust has indicated that there are at least a potential 21 new households coming from existing Tiree residents who are unable to find housing, and has also identified 43 people seeking to move to Tiree, 21% of those already with an offer of employment – and that’s just the people who responded to the survey! Other recent survey work showed that there is widespread staff shortages and recruitment challenges impacting on catering and tourism focussed businesses. You can read the full report on Tiree’s Housing Needs and Demands Analysis here:

Argyll and Bute Council have declared a housing crisis. While we are working, with their support, on longer term solutions to build more affordable housing, this will not meet the immediate, urgent, demand. The Council have offered advice and support to anyone we refer to them who is interested in exploring putting property into long-term rental.

There has never been a better time to consider this, as regulation of short-term letting is coming into force. You could be really helping Tiree out, putting in place a lower-maintenance arrangement (no more changeovers!) for income from your property, and there may be support available from the Council with the one-off setup requirements (we are lobbying them for this right now!)

Here at the Trust we will also always be happy to share details of any long-term let available in Tiree via our comms channels, which is likely to be seen by locals looking for a secure home.

If this might be of interest to you, please get in touch with us at

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