The community have given a resounding YES to the development of a community shop here on the island. This is a strong mandate from across all sections of the community to take the idea forward to the next stage.


On the last page of the booklet that was delivered to every household on the island there was a question – what happens next? The question was answered in four steps, the first being to form a Community Shop Management Committee.


If Tiree is to move forward with a community shop – this is the first important step to take. A community shop cannot become a reality without the support of everyone in the community moving forward together.


Before any decisions can be taken, any plans made, any information gathered or any further consultation with the community undertaken – a Community Shop Management Committee needs to be formed.


This committee will be made up of ordinary members of the community who wish to see the YES vote turned into reality. There will be lots to do – but support and help will be available from Tiree Community Development Trust.


The Management Committee will need to review the various ‘ownership’ options and make considered recommendations to the community. With specialist help and support – they will oversee the set-up, strategic operation and finances of the business as well as business planning and communications. The Management Committee will also determine how the shop is managed and who manages it. Most community shops have between seven and fifteen member representatives on the Community Shop Management Committee.


Without volunteers stepping forward to join the Community Shop Management Committee there will be no community shop for Tiree.


If you are someone who would like to give a resounding YES to being involved in the next step – and would like to volunteer to be a member of the Community Shop Management Committee, or if you would like more information please contact the Trust office on 220074

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