Stèisean Connaidh Chrosabol is owned and operated by Tiree Community Development Trust, under one of our trading subsidiaries, Tiree Community Enterprise Ltd.

The filling station is self service for road diesel (DERV) and Unleaded E10 petrol.

We also have an electric vehicle rapid charging point using the ProjectEV Pro App platform with two vehicle bays, offering AC Type 2 (up to 22kW), CHAdeMO or CCS rapid DC charging (up to 60kW).  We advise setting up the Project EV Pro app with payment method prior to arrival.

Water and tyre air refill are also available (free of charge – just set the air compressor to required pressure (by default it shows in units of psi, but you can select to show in Bar) – connect the air nozzle to your tyre valve and ithe compressor should auto-start)

Pump operating hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8am-6pm – CLOSED on Sundays

Note: Tyre inflator, water and the EV charger are available for use 24/7, except when a delivery of fuel is taking place.

We generally don’t close for public holidays through the year, but operate reduced service over the Xmas break period.

Accepted cards / International customers: Our pump card terminal system accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Allstar Fuel cards that are Chip and PIN. If required, cash or contactless/Google/Apple Pay or non-Chip & PIN card payments can be taken inside the shop. Please note that not all credit/debit cards from other countries are universally accepted in the UK.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid means of payment. There is no ATM in Tiree, but if you have an accepted payment card or Contactless/Apple/Google Pay you can ask for cashback with a purchase in either of the two main stores.

How to use the station and pay for fuel: 

  1. Switch your vehicle engine off while using the pumps.
  2. Preferred method of payment is by using a valid Chip & PIN card at the pump – please bring your payment card with you. Insert your card BEFORE lifting the nozzle, and follow on-screen instructions to select fuel, enter your PIN, and select if you wish for a receipt. Once complete, the screen will say you can now start filling at the pump (the number shown refers to the pump number, not the nozzle) – lift the nozzle for the fuel type you need).
  3. If you must pay via Cash, Contactless or Google/Apple Pay or signed-for cards, this needs to be done via the till in the shop. Lift the nozzle and wait, looking up at the CCTV camera towards the shop, so that shop staff know you are definitely waiting for the pump to be authorised. Once they do so, the pump motor starts and the display counter clears, and you can commence filling. Make sure to go into the shop once complete, to pay. You may drive over to the shop parking area to do this if you don’t want to hold back another customer.
  4. Although shop staff supervise the station via the cameras, they do not provide technical assistance with the station equipment. Any technical issues with the pumps or other station functions should be reported to the Trust office.

In the event of any spillage, accidents or damage to equipment, you MUST contact the Trust Office directly via the Visitors Centre across the road.

Contact number for Trust office for filling station issues or enquiries, or to request assistance with fuelling: 01879 256 020

If calling via a mobile, please stand clear of the pumps, it is still possible for mobile phones to be a potential fire hazard in the immediate vicinity of petroleum vapour.

Assistance to fuel: The station is generally self-service only. For customers who are physically unable to operate the pumps only, assistance can be requested from the Trust office across the road, during our normal office open hours (We aim to guarantee Mon-Fri 10am-4pm but are often available an hour either side of this – but we don’t staff the office on Saturday). We encourage you to call the office before setting out to the station so that we know you are coming and can be prepared to assist you – if staff are not able to assist at a particular time for some reason, we may ask you to come at a different time. Shop staff are often not available to come out to assist if working alone, and do so only at their own discretion.

Terms of Use:

  • Absolutely no smoking or naked flames anywhere within the filling station forecourt or surrounding site.
  • The station may only be used by customers abiding by all relevant road laws and vehicle licensing requirements, with valid road insurance for their vehicle.
  • All directions on station safety signage must be followed.
  • Harassment or abuse of Trust or shop staff will not be tolerated.

Frequently asked questions:

After I used my card in the pump terminal, I got a notification saying I had been charged £100, but I took less fuel than that OR My online banking is showing two payments – this is a feature of some banking apps, and the way pre-authorisation of pump payment terminals work. When you use the card terminal they initially take a pre-authorisation of payment, which by default is up to £100, before you begin filling. This sometimes appears on banking apps as if it is an actual payment – especially if you authorise your card but then do not complete the transaction for some reason.

What actually happens is that our system charges your card the correct amount at the end of your filling – you will not have been charged twice or too much. Unfortunately it takes a while (sometimes over a day) for pre-authorisations to drop off fully your account display, but this does not mean you will be incorrectly charged. If in doubt, or it still shows several days later, contact your bank in the first instance to enquire. This issue is related to an external card payment system, and we have no direct control over it.

What if I don’t have £100 available balance on my card? – for debit cards, the system should be able to authorise you for up to your available balance, if this is less than £100. In this case, the pump will allow you to fill up to the available balance, then cut off delivery automatically. Please take care to only dispense what you wish to pay for – we cannot be held responsible for any charges you incur if you are able to exceed your available balance/overdraft or credit limit.

Filling containers for transport of fuel (e.g. to use for mowers, boats, quads, etc) or direct filling of trailer-mounted boats or tanks – there are very important safety consideration and legal requirements and restrictions for this – please read this information page about filling fuel containers or tanks of trailer towed vehicles. Any non-standard filling requirements MUST be discussed with Trust staff before being attempted. Obey relevant signage on the base of the fuel pumps with regard to filling containers.

Why can’t the station be open 24-hours, seeing as it is self-serve and pay-at-pump? – Although able to be used in “self-serve” operation, the station does have to have a “responsible person” on duty, able to respond to incidents on-site within 5 minutes. This is a licence requirement, and in practical terms generally means a staff member must be in attendance whenever the station is open for fuel dispensing. The opening hours of the pumps are therefore subject to staff availability and affordability – with the station providing a relatively small volume of sales for our small island, covering additional staff costs to broaden the opening hours further would have a very heavy impact on pump prices. We keep the hours under review.

I think the new filling station is just fantastic. So quick to use, so modern, no fuss, in and out. Central as well: it’s taken about six miles off my round trip to fuel up. 

Gordon Scott

Tiree Resident