Our Subsidairies

Tiree Community Development Trust are the parent company of four subsidiary groups that all take ownership of various projects for the benefit of the community.

Tiree Renewable Energy Ltd (TREL)

Tiree Community Enterprise Ltd (TCEL)

Tiree Community Maritime Assets Ltd (TCMAL)

Community Information Technology Ltd (Tiree Broadband, CIT Ltd)

Funding Support to the Community

We distribute funding to projects, events and services that benefit the Tiree community development goals identified in our charitable objects, and our Community Development Plan. The main source of funding is our renewable energy subsidiary, TREL, which operates our community wind turbine “Tilley”. Over £2million in funding has been distributed since Tilley was constructed.

The Windfall Fund 

Cruas Fund

Established in partnership with local food bank project Tiree Solar, the Cruas Fund was originally created to offer small grants directly to households experiencing or at risk of food or energy poverty or other hardship made more difficult by the challenges of our island infrastructure.

In 2022 the Fund was relaunched as a much broader support project to respond to the unprecedented spike in heating costs and wider costs of living. In addition to direct financial assistance the project is now expanding into advice and support provision, helping households to access more funding provided off-island, especially with improving insulation and energy efficiency, to reduce ongoing bills.

The Cruas Project

Discover Tiree

Originally set up independently before being adopted under the Trust, Discover Tiree is the official, community owned and led, Destination Management Organisation for Tiree – providing information for visitors and seeking to encourage balanced, responsible tourism that maximises benefits to the island community (such as supporting the island-based tourism economy and the jobs this creates) while considering and addressing negative impacts through information, marketing and links to our other project work. Discover Tiree operates the website www.isleoftiree.com – the primary source of information about island accommodation and attractions.

Discover Tiree