We are now ready to take registration for Ùlpan Classes on Tiree. Ùlpan is a new and refreshing method of teaching Gaelic, based on speech and pronunciation rather than writing and grammar. As the results of the survey were very mixed we have decided to do a registration process for each level/structure and we will then run with the majority vote. Please note that the Ùlpan courses take a fair amount of effort and a lot of commitment. You are required to complete two units a week, which is the equivalent of 3 hours.  We aim to get a group starting level 1 and progress on to each level, therefore this will be your only opportunity to start level 1 for at least a few months.

There will be a charge of £48 per level, working out at £2 per unit for Tiree residents.


Classes and structures:         

Level 1: Two units over one week      Level 1: Intensive 6 day course

Level 2: Two units over one week      Level 2: Intensive 6 day course

NB: Level 2 courses could be started by latent speakers who wish to freshen up their Gaelic.


Please choose one from the four options above. Classes will be starting week beginning 13th January 2014


To register for classes please download the registration form below and send it back to donna@tireetrust.org.uk

Registration Form

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