Our Island, Our Future

Trust seeks community help to build a photo library for community projects

The Tiree Community Development Trust Group is hoping to collate some island pictures and videos that show Tiree through the lens of the community. We’re keen for the imagery we use to have a “community sourced” feel, and would be very grateful for your help!

We would be looking to ask for your support through donation of the full use of images you have captured, as part of the Trust and Trust subsidiaries marketing efforts, including social media posts, and other various marketing materials, including Discover Tiree.

Full credit will be given to the images used (if you wish), you retain ownership of the images and we would not allow them to be used for any profit making purpose or by a third party without a separate agreement with you.

We are looking for images that represent the culture and community of the island as well as images that address subject matters such as:

– Music

– Crofting

– Family Holiday

– Beaches

– Water sports

– Events

– Island Life

– History

– Nature

If you are happy to donate the use of your images to us, we need to be able to record that consent – please copy and paste the following text into your email, and indicate if you wish to be acknowledged as the source by name or not (you may also edit the text to indicate how you would wish to be acknowledged if you prefer).

“I agree to Tiree Community Development Trust and its subsidiary groups making use of, editing, and distributing the photographs and/or videos I have supplied for any purpose in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Group for community benefit. I understand that by agreeing to this the use of my photographs/videos may only be revoked by notifying Tiree Community Development Trust in writing. I understand the revocation will not affect any actions taken before the receipt of this written notification. I (would / would not) request that wherever practical this be accompanied by an attribution in my name.”

When sending your images if you could include the name that you would like credited and a brief description of the photograph (i.e. location). Please also bear in mind that the maximum size for an email is 25MB, so if e-mailing you need to keep below this by breaking into multiple emails. Alternatively, if you have a larger file to send or want to send a lot of files you can contact us and we can provide you with an upload link for a file transfer instead. Please email any images and/or consents to photos@tireetrust.org.uk

We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful pictures that capture the uniqueness of our island!