Notice is hereby given of the following meetings:

    1. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of Tiree Community Development Trust, for the purposes of:
      1. Special Resolution: THAT the company approve and adopt the regulations contained in the articles of association attached (see below) as the articles of association of the company in substitution for and to the exclusion of the existing articles.
      2. Ordinary Resolution: THAT the company agree the annual membership subscription rate, as referred to in the above proposed articles (if approved), at £1
    2. The Annual General Meetings of each of the four subsidiary companies of the Trust Group, being Tiree Renewable Energy Limited, Community Information Technology Limited (Tiree Broadband), Tiree Community Martine Assets Limited and Tiree Community Enterprise Limited.
    3. The Annual General Meeting of members of Tiree Community Development Trust, which shall include:
      1. Approval of the annual report and accounts,
      2. Reappointment of auditors for the Tiree Trust Group
      3. Election of directors/trustees of Tiree Community Development Trust

The first meeting shall commence at 6:30pm on Tuesday 5th December, with each of the subsequent meetings following on immediately following the last.

The meetings will take place primarily via Zoom meeting, with an option for those unable to attend via Zoom to join in-person. 

Please register if you wish to attend, either by Zoom or in person, by e-mailing, or phoning the Trust office on 01879 220074. We will need to know your name, address, as well as the names of any other members from your household that will be joining from the same device if you are joining remotely.

The AGM of the Trust will include the election of directors. We have five places for elected directors which will be open for election this year, open to any Full member of the Trust. We would encourage members to consider offering their service to the community in this way, and a director/trustee recruitment and information pack and the nomination form to complete can be found here.

NOTE: The deadline for nominations to be received for elected directors is 5pm on Tuesday 28th November.

The formal notices, agendas and papers for the meetings follow below:

TCDT AGM EGM Formal Notice 2023

Tiree Trust EGM 5 Dec 2023 Agenda

Tiree Community Development Trust proposed new Articles 2023

AGM Trust Group 2023 Agenda

TCDT AGM 2022_Draft Minutes

Accounts for the Group (incorporating Trustees Annual Report for the Trust and Group accounts):

Tiree Renewable Energy Limited – year ended 31 December 2022

Community Information Technology Ltd – year ended 31 December 2022

Tiree Community Maritime Assets Ltd – year ended 31 December 2022

Tiree Community Enterprises Limited – year ended 31 December 2022

Income & Expenditure Summary for AGM

Tiree Group – Consolidated Accounts – year ended 31 December 2022

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