The Trust Group AGMs (including subsidiary companies: Tiree Renewable Energy Ltd, Community Information Technology (Tiree Broadband), Tiree Community Maritime Assets Ltd and Tiree Community Enterprise Ltd) will take place on

Monday 14th November at 7.00pm via Zoom Video Conference

The meeting is open to the community, with full Trust members entitled to one vote each on director elections and other issues. If you are not already a member of Tiree Trust and would like to become one, please fill out our Tiree Trust Membership Forms 2022

The details to join the AGM will not be shared publicly on our website or social media. Members who wish to attend the meeting should register their interest with TCDT before 2pm on Monday 14th November. Please email requesting to join the AGM and you will receive instructions on how to join.

We require a quorum of 30 members in attendance before the meeting can take place. TCDT would encourage as many members as possible to attend the AGM.

This is an opportunity to find out about the activities of Tiree Trust and the subsidiary companies during the last year.

Papers for the AGM are published below:

AGM Trust Group 14th Nov 22 Agenda
TRUST AGM Minutes 08Nov21 DRAFT

TREL Chairperson’s Report for FY 2021 – AGM 2022

Draft accounts – please note these may still be subject to some minor alterations, as our accountants are making final adjustments/confirmations now. They are presented for information, will be formally approved by the Boards, and the final versions will be posted very soon:
CIT 2021 Draft accounts
TCEL 2021 Draft Accounts – note, these cover 15 months from Oct 2020 due to these being the first accounts since TCEL was set up late in our financial year in 2020.
TCMAL 2021 Draft accounts
TREL 2021 Draft Accounts
TRUST 2021 Draft Accounts


WE NEED YOU! Each year at the AGM, one third of the Trust board (the longest standing directors) must stand down – but are eligible to re-stand – and there is an opportunity for members of the community to stand for election. This year there will be 4 vacant elected positions on the Trust board. If you are interested or would like to know more about becoming a Director of the Trust, please fill out and send in the Director nomination form below and return by 5pm on Monday 7th

As well as vacancies on the Trust board there are vacancies on the subsidiary boards. Should you be interested in becoming a director of one of the subsidiary boards you can get in touch with Tiree Trust on the contact details above or fill out the form below.

Directors of subsidiary boards are approved by Tiree Trust, there is no election process for this, and subsequently no deadline to register your interest in becoming a director.

TCDT Nomination Form 2022

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