Our Island, Our Future

Torrential Thursday at the Archeology Dig

Today we had two school visits despite the weather. The damp nature of the day meant we did not get a huge amount of digging done but Matilda started four section drawings which can be added to as we go down.
We have revealed the first of the supporting stones for the massive cist slab. We can also see a stone that was once probably part of the side of the cist side, but moved when the cist was dug into. Apparently a skull was returned to the cist after it had been disturbed in 2005.
Tomorrow (Friday) we have only one school visit in the morning so if you would like to join  us after about 11 am please feel free. If it is lashing rain and we are not on site you might find us sipping coffee in the Lodge Hotel. 

cairn cist opening Matilda drawing a section copy