Minute of Tirisdich Còmhla Meeting 23-02-2017

Minute of Tirisdich Còmhla Meeting 30-03-2017




Còmhla – a Gaelic word meaning ‘together’. Tirisdich Còmhla (Tirisdich Together) and this is the main aim of the newly formed working group who are working to investigate the advantages of Tiree’s Community Groups working in tandem or potentially as one in the future.

Initial meetings have so far taken place between three of Tiree’s development groups, Tiree Rural Development (TRD), Tiree Community Business (TCB) including their subsidiary group, An Talla and Tiree Community Development Trust (TCDT) including both their subsidiaries Tiree Broadband (CIT) and Tiree Renewable Energy (TREL).

The idea of Tirisdich Còmhla is to research if the amalgamation of the three current development groups (TCDT/ TRD /TCB) and the creation of a brand-new company that would be a combination of all three groups, starting a fresh and combining all aspects of each group, would be in Tiree’s wider interests. This would include merging assets and a joint approach to all aspects of legal, finance and insurance. The current objectives of all three groups are very similar, with each looking to develop and enhance Tiree, provide and encourage opportunities to enhance growth and support all current development. It therefore makes sense to have a combined outlook on this.

The idea of combining groups or at least forming a closer working relationship has been developed from outcomes from the recent Charrette consultation process, where it was advised that the three bigger community groups who have similar aims, should be working together to tackle issues such as housing, economic development and education and skills development.

The working group – Tirisdich Còmhla has been formed with the aim to use the next year to investigate and report on the potential advantages & disadvantages of such a partnership. In the meantime the process provides an opportunity to highlight areas where the groups have similar aims and objects, where joined up working and thinking can take place. Three board members from each group have been appointed onto the working group and will attend meetings together and then report back to their individual groups, opening a dialog of communications between all parties involved.

At the first meeting, representatives were tasked with going back to their groups and requesting that each group draft a brief report on their short, mid a & long-term objectives, in order to form a starting point for how Tirisdich Còmhla can be moved forward.

The group is currently at a very early stage of research and completing ground work, with the next year being used to review all aspects involved and agree on the best way to take the group forward.

It is already clear that the initial organisation of a working group has created a positive link between all groups involved and given them an opportunity to continue working together for the benefit of the island.

Should members of the public wish to be contribute to this process our advice at this point would be to look at the four groups who have directors involved at this stage and stand to become a director of the group, that most closely matches the individuals own circumstances. This will allow you to then contribute into the discussions in hand through your community role.

Minutes from this group’s meeting will shortly be made public, most likely through the delivery of a dedicated website that will allow Tiree’s community the opportunity to follow the progress of Tirisdich Còmhla.