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Tiree Broadband Upgrade Demand Survey

Tiree Broadband is hoping to upgrade its network to be able to offer faster broadband services to those households and businesses on Tiree beyond the reach of fast broadband through the telephone network. The arrival of fibre to Tiree has allowed Tiree Broadband to investigate upgrade opportunities that weren’t available to us before super fast internet connections were introduced to the island.

In order to secure funding for this project we need to demonstrate a demand for the improved service.

If you are already a Tiree Broadband subscriber or think you might want to benefit from our new faster service please help us by completing this short survey.

In order to meet our funding application deadlines the survey will only remain open until Monday 12th December. To complete the survey please click here!

Our upgrade project will not affect any possible plans to extended superfast broadband services through the telephone network now or in the future.