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Tiree Broadband Update

We are aware that all Tiree Broadband subscribers are experiencing a significantly reduced service at the moment. This is due to the extra demand on our internet connections and on the BT infrastructure which we rely on. In the first 14 days of July our network carried more data than it would normally carry in a whole month and we are running at 95% of peak throughput 18 hours a day. We have invested year on year in increasing the capacity of our internet connections, but have now reached the limit of what the current ADSL system can provide. From our discussions with BT and HIE we had very much hoped that the new fibre based internet services would be available for this peak period. We learnt this week that the fibre installation work had been delayed and that we now expect fibre connectivity during August. Once we have access to fibre broadband we will be able to offer a much faster and more reliable service to our subscribers. In the mean time please be assured that we are doing all that we can to maintain the best service.