The Misses Nisbet Educational Trust is a Charitable Trust established by the late Kenneth Nisbet Mure QC of Glasgow and of Heanish, Isle of Tiree. The purpose of the Trust is to support the advancement of education and that for the benefit of residents or former residents of Tiree, and in particular those who have attended school in Tiree, and such other persons who, in the opinion of the Trustees, have a substantial personal or family connection with Tiree.

The Trustees continue to invite applications to the above Trust from any persons who feel they may be eligible and who is in the pursuit of higher or further education. 

The Trust is not just there to help young people leaving school and furthering their education, it is for any persons, with a substantial Tiree connection, at any stage in life, who may have a need or desire to retrain or branch out into something new for which an educational course, or qualification, is needed or desirable.

We recognise that this may be particularly relevant during these times as people may be facing a need to retrain or obtain new qualifications to develop in current roles or to help in the pursuit of new ones.

Application forms can be obtained by emailing

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