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Notice From Dr Holliday-Health Matter...

Dr Holliday HEALTH MATTERS Number C.1 It has been a while since I put this series to bed, but I thought I would resuscitate it since we are officially in The Thick of It. It is so important not to touch our faces at the moment. And so difficult! A study from New South Wales […]

Notice from Dr Holliday-Online Shoppi...

Dr Holliday THINK OF OUR POSTIES! Most of us are all getting used to a new life tucked up at home, and a lot of us are spending more time in front of our screens. It is very tempting, when we can’t get out to the shops, to order stuff online. Please remember, though, that […]

Update from Tiree Medical Practice

Update from Tiree Medical Practice: COVID19 Many of you may have noticed activity around Baugh Church. Whilst we hope we never have to use it we have set up Baugh Church as a potential ward ( not hospital) so that we can look after a number of unwell people at a time if we needed to […]

Shopping Tips for Tiree

DR HOLLIDAY’S SHOPPING TIPS FOR TIREE We’re lucky to have the shops we do on Tiree. These are my tips to keep safe during the corona virus epidemic: • If you are at risk of getting a more severe illness from the virus – if you are over 70 or if you don’t keep in […]

Message from Tiree Medical Practice &...

SELF ISOLATION Following the update two days ago, there have been a few questions about what ‘self isolation’ and ‘social distancing‘ means, understandably, as it is a confusing, new and rapidly evolving concept.I hope to be able to clear a few points up here. More information can be found on the Public Health England Website.For […]

Message from Tiree Medical Practice &...

SOCIAL DISTANCING Across the UK, everyone is being encouraged to be ‘socially distant’, especially those in vulnerable groups as mentioned in my previous post on ‘self isolation’.  Socially distancing aims to reduce the spread of Covid 19 by reducing social interaction between people.  Socially Distancing measures you should take include: Working from home where possible […]

Coronavirus and Visiting Tiree

For a hundred years Tiree has welcomed visitors and won worldwide fame for its sunshine, its beaches and its welcome. The season to visit the island is upon us and we would normally expect to see over 20,000 people before the end of the year. However, the current coronavirus epidemic is a once-in-a-century event. The […]

Update from Tiree Medical Practice 18...

Message from Tiree Medical Practice r.e. Covid 19 Thank you all for your cooperation with the fast moving changes in the medical practice with regards to the Covid-19 outbreak.  Tiree Medical Practice is still open and working as hard as possible to ensure the best care of our patients. In order to ensure the safety of […]

Update From Tiree Medical Practice 17...

17th March 2020   TIREE MEDICAL PRACTICE Many people on the island have been asking about keeping their children off school in light of the likely case of Coronavirus.Following further discussions earlier today we have been made aware that the school will likely re-open on Thursday and not Wednesday as originally planned. As a practice […]

Asthma Clinic Update

Due to the coronavirus restrictions there will be no asthma clinic running. Being asthmatic puts you in the high risk category so if you start to develop any symptoms or ideed have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch