Swimming Pool Research Project

The swimming pool feasibility study is well underway; Louisa has been conducting a community consultation in the Business Centre as well as operating an online survey.  To date there have been over 90 responses and these will form the basis of a projected business model for any pool development.

A number of similar projects have been approached to share their insights of developing and operating a community pool and there have been several responses so far.  The research has sought views from a variety of on-island and off-island stakeholders and there has been some good feedback from these discussions.  While there is a strong majority supporting a pool development on the island there are also some concerns regarding the long-term sustainability of such a facility.  This is supported through the information from similar pools where all are running an annual loss (of varying degrees) despite receiving over 25,000 visits per year.


Results of the swimming pool research project will be presented to the community at the community groups open day on 15th June.

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