After our successful Community open day last month we have analysed and put together the results from the consultation that was conducted. This year we asked the community to tell us which Trust Led Projects were a priority for them and how each project would affect them. The results are as follows with an example statement from each:


  1. Community Shop ‘This is a priority because it will be far more convenient to have a shop on the West side. This would make my life easier’


  1. Adventure Park   ‘It would be good for older and younger kids, my brother and I would use it’


  1. Housing ‘This is a priority for young families as current houses with appropriate space are currently very expensive …. being able to buy means a greater likelihood of staying in Tiree’


  1. Community Support Group ‘This is a priority to reduce the burden on volunteers’


  1. Ùlpan   ‘This is a priority because it will help me in my work. It affects me because language = culture’


  1. Community Land Ownership    ‘This is a priority because it would give Tiree the chance to be in control’


We also gave the community the opportunity to comment on other projects that are currently not being worked on but believe is a priority for the island.  Some of the most recurring comments were regarding a space to store and run the children’s soft play facilities, a swimming pool for Tiree and a dedicated space and storage facilities for arts and crafts.

If you did not manage to come along to the Community Open Day and have any comments or suggestions then please get in touch with us on the contact details above.

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