We’re lucky to have the shops we do on Tiree. These are my tips to keep safe during the corona virus epidemic:

• If you are at risk of getting a more severe illness from the virus – if you are over 70 or if you don’t keep in the best of health – please ask someone else to shop for you. If you’re stuck, phone Rona Campbell on 01631 572975
• Shop once week rather than every few days
• Shop on your own, and shop for more than one household if you can
• Stay an aisle away from other shoppers from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. If the shop has too many people in already, wait in your car until there is more space. The Coop is open for over a hundred hours a week
• Do not stop to chat. This goes against our very nature, but it’s important for the next few weeks!
• When you get home, wash your hands thoroughly, leave your shopping in the porch overnight and wipe down hard containers like milk bottles with hot, soapy water

The Coop on Tiree is now offering the time between 8 and 9 am that is dedicated to those over 60 and the carers of vulnerable people.

Please send this to those you know don’t do social media.
Dr John Holliday 23 March 2020

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