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  • Summer Sports Programme

    Summer Sports Programme

    You can download our summer sports programme below. Book all sessions by using Facebook Messenger “Tiree Trust Youth Work” or by emailing willie@tireetrust.org.uk. Some of events listed are run by other groups but have been included to assist you planning your summer. The Trust activites are supported by the National Lottery Youth Start Fund. Sessions…

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  • Summer Gaelic Events

    Summer Gaelic Events

    (Image courtesy of Gaelic.co) What’s the Gaelic for busy? Trang! And this summer is indeed busy. Lots of organisations are running events – including the Trust. We are offering Gaelic drop-in sessions and conversation classes at the end of July and the beginning of August with Professor Donald Meek. In addition to the classes, there…

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  • Key handover!

    Key handover!

    It was a great feeling to hand over the keys to our tenants this week! Bha e cho math na h-iuchraichean a thoirt seachad airson Ionad Iomairt Thiriodh an t-seachdain-sa! We wish them all the very best in their new business units. They will be fitting the units out for the next couple of weeks…

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  • Tabhaich! Gaelic Classes

    Tabhaich! Gaelic Classes

    Tha cùisean air a bhith beagan sàmhach a thaobh na Gàidhlig o chionn ghoirid, ach tha atharrachadh a’ tighinn! Tha sinn an dùil sreath de thachartasan Gàidhlig a chruthachadh tron t-Samhradh, agus tron Gheamhradh cuideachd. Bidh prògram a’ Gheamhraidh gu math spòrsail agus tha sinn a’ dèanamh fiughair innse dhuibh mu dheidhinn. An dràsta ged…

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  • Tilley Updates: June 2024

    Tilley Updates: June 2024

    As we head into Summer, the TREL Board wanted to give you an update on the current status of Tilley. Generated in June 248,947 kWh Most Productive Day 4th of June – 14,658 kWh Windiest Day 27th of June – 55.9mph As you know, there was a period over the winter 2023-24 where she was…

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  • 2024 Visitor Guide and Map

    2024 Visitor Guide and Map

    The 2024 Visitor Guide and Map are now available to download. If you would like paper copies, please drop into the office in Crossapol between 10am and 4pm Mon-Fri.

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  • The Windfall Fund is Open!

    The Windfall Fund is Open!

    We are delighted to announce that the Windfall fund has reopened for community-focused events and projects. You might have noticed that Tilley was recently not turning due to an issue with the generator. This will reduce income for the Trust this year, and Directors are keenly aware that Tilley is moving into the second half…

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  • Citizen’s Advice Bureau Tiree

    Citizen’s Advice Bureau Tiree

    We are very excited to share our new partnership with Argyll and Bute Citizens Advice Bureau (ABCAB) – Tiree residents can now book a face-to-face Citizens Advice appointment with Fiona or Emmie. To book an appointment, please use the contact details below, and be sure to mention you are a Tiree resident if you would…

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  • Transitional change management support for the Trust

    We have recently carried out an internal staffing review taking into account the recent growth and development of the Trust over the past few years, the challenging set of objectives we have set in our Community Development Plan, and the current challenging funding environment we are facing. As part of this, we’ve identiifed some steps…

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  • Community Development Plan Year 1 Update

    Community Development Plan Year 1 Update

    The Tiree Community Development Plan provides a vision for the Trust’s work from 2023 to 2028. Over the course of the Development Plan, the Trust aims to work with Tiree’s community to progress the sustainable development of the island. This includes working to promote sustainable economic development, population growth, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, social well-being,…

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