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Music and Culture

Tiree – an island overflowing with rich heritage and culture, the home of the likes of Skippinish, Skerryvore, Gunna Sound and Trail West, 4 very successful bands who have produced albums that complement the island in which they were brought up. A week long Fèis event that celebrates and teaches the culture of Tiree and its people has been running since 1990. A music festival that started small in 2010 is now reaching sell out capacities of 1500 people and claiming 3 awards in 2013, amount them ‘Best Small Festival in Scotland’ and ‘Best Cultural Award in Scotland’.

This is only a snap shot of the type of activity that is going on in Tiree and one of the reasons that The Trust has developed the Music and Culture Project is to ensure that the culture and heritage of the island is continued, enjoyed and developed. The project works with all relevant groups such as TMF, The Fèis, An Iodhlann and Commun nam Pàrant to support them with existing projects and also develop new events and ideas.

There is also a big focus on the Gaelic language on the island, with positive steps been made in the education sector, with the launch of the new Gaelic Medium Education for preschool. The project focuses on ways in which we can introduce the Gaelic language into everyday settings and events to try and create a bi-lingual effect.

The Music and Culture program has now been running for over a year and we have seen some positive developments within various different music and culture groups along along with a good focus on the development of the Gaelic language. Click on the links below to read about projects and groups that we are working with.


Click here to read about Ulpan classes that are now available on Tiree.

Tiree Music Festival

The Music and Culture Coordinator (MCC) is heavily involved in the organisation of this 4 time award winning local festival. The main objective is to try and encourage and coordinate the community involvement at the event. To find out more about the festival, click here to be directed to the website.

An Iodhlann

An Iodhlann is the local archive museum, which works closely with the MCC project. This year the Gaelic Student Summer Placement has worked closely with An Iodhlann. To read about all their latest projects click here.

Fèis Thiriodh 

The MCC and GSP work alongside Fèis Thiriodh to coordinate and develop the event. Fèis Thiriodh website can be accessed here.


For all the latest information about events on Tiree click here.