Carol Flett, based on the Isle of Coll has recently taken up the post of  Health and Wellbeing Coordinator for Tiree, Coll and Mull.  This is a one year pilot project which was previously coordinated by Eleanor McKinnon and covered the whole of Oban, Lorn and the Islands.

The Health and Wellbeing Network has been allocated funding which can accessed by community groups throughout the 3 communities, to benefit projects involving Early Years (children age 0 to 8 years),  Teenage Transitions (ages 9 to 19) and the Elderly and can be used for projects which plan to address issues with Health Inequalities, Alcohol and Drugs, Healthy Weight and Mental Health.

Carol is keen to ensure that all community groups on Tiree are made aware of the project and the funding and would urge all interested parties to become a member of the Health and Wellbeing Network by completing the attached form below and returning it to, Carol Flett at   As a member of the Network, your group will receive e-mails with relevant information and you will be invited to attend quarterly meetings.

Please check out the website by clicking here for more information and to look at the funding application form and guidance notes.

Please note, the funding application form is to be updated at a Network meeting next week, but the form currently on the website will give you an idea of what is needed for a funding application.  Due to the amount of funding available for our network the upper limit for funding bids will be lower than the £2000 quoted on the website.  Funding bids will need to be submitted by the end of May or the end of August this year.

 TCM HWN member registration form



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