Today we were joined by two school visits and the children were able to dig in a trench and to have an go doing a geophysical survey. They were very excited to find our first flint thumbnaill scraper (prehistoric), some other small flint flakes and bone fragments.
Another nail was found near the cist. The oval shaped mound seems to be real.
We dug on one side of the of the cist where it had been disturbed in the past and . found half of a pelvis bone that had been moved outside the cist. After much consultation with on-line friends and family we think it might be female. Finding a skull would really help this discussion.
The weather tomorrow is supposed to be mixed rain and sun (as opposed to today which was sun and rain). We are expecting to have to more school visits tomorrow so again coming about 11.30 till 1.30 or after 3pm would be best.
bones and Kate copy having a good look pelvis bone outside the cist


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