We are pleased to welcome Eilidh MacFadyen to the Trust Team, who started work with us last week through the Commun nam Gaelic student placement scheme. We received 50% funding from CnaG to employ a student who is currently in Gaelic education to work with us for 10 weeks during the summer term time. Eilidh is going to be supporting the Music and Culture coordinator, focusing on Gaelic development within the community and other events.  Eilidh will also be working along with An Iodhlann to produce a research report on Tiree’s musical culture.  “Tha mi a’ dèanamh fiughair ri samhradh trang fhad ’s a tha mi còmhla ris an Urras! Tha e a’ còrdadh rium gu mòr gu ruige seo, is tha mi air a bhith ag obair air iomadh pròiseact mar-thà, a leithid Sradagan, Club Ciùil Samhraidh & pròiseact rannsachaidh tron Iodhlann.”

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