Wednesday 16th July saw a public meeting held on Tiree, hosted by Argyll & Bute Council Social Care and Highland Health Board. They called the meeting to outline changes that are being planned nationally to the way care is delivered to our communities and what that will mean on Tiree.

Key points:

  • New legislation dictates that the Eventide Home in Scarinish is no longer fit for purpose in terms of design and layout and will not be renovated in its current form.
  • Social Care and the Health Board are working in partnership with Cùram Thiriodh ( ) to consider what a new care facility could look like and where it will be on the island.
  • With the number of over 65’s rising and that pattern expected to continue, the emphasis will be on providing care at home (including assisted living accommodation) rather than building a new care home.
  • The full presentation can be viewed here – RCOP short overview presentation v1 1 tiree.

Key concerns raised by the community include:

  • What will happen to the employees of the current home?
  • Will people who need 24 hour care have to leave the island to get that level of care?
  • Will people be supported in the transition from their own home to tenanted assisted living accommodation (including the sale of their home)?

The council and health board stressed that no firm plans have been made yet and that they will continue to consult with the community and with Cùram to answer our concerns.

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