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Fireworks night 2021

Here is final information about the fireworks night on Friday 5th November 2021:

Fireworks night information poster - info is in the web post

Having missed it last year in 2020 we are going ahead with the annual Trust fireworks night. This year it will take place at the Rural Centre near the airport and will feature:

  • Firepits!
  • Marshmallow toasting!
  • Food provided by Aisling’s Kitchen (Burgers, hot dogs, soup and veggie nachos) – And it’s on us!
  • Hot chocolate!
  • Outdoor games for the kids!
  • Fireworks display!
  • And, of course, the obligatory raffle!

Event info and FAQs:

The event will start at 6pm, with parking on the grass opposite the Rural Centre. Marshalls will be there to direct vehicles – please help us to keep everyone as safe as we can by reverse parking so that you face the road – this will also mean you are facing the fireworks should you choose to stay in your vehicle for the show.

The Rural Centre car park will be closed to vehicles as this is where we will be gathering, with fire-pits set up around the area. Please take care when near the firepits, and ask children not to run around near them. There will be lighting in the area courtesy of Tiree airport staff.

The fenced grass area next to the car park (formerly the Crazy Golf) will be used for children’s games, supervised by Trust staff and Youth Club volunteers, please encourage kids to expend their energies there rather than running around near firepits or outside on the road / where vehicles will be parking!

Music / disco shall be running courtesy of Andy and Bino

Food will be served from 6:30pm via the serving hatch inside the Rural Centre – please ensure you bring a facemask for use when entering the building, as per Scottish Government rules.

Marshmallows on skewers shall be available for toasting at the firepits (or just eating!), with the help of volunteers Myra and Trudy. Parents and guardians should ensure they appropriately supervise children with these for safety!

We have sparklers which will be handed out to children with permission and supervision of a parent or guardian. Please take appropriate care using them near other people, etc!

The raffle shall be running throughout the event with the help of volunteer John Bottomley. (We’re still welcoming prize donations!)

The firework display is expected to start between 7pm and 7:30pm

First aid and fire safety support will be provided on site by fire service volunteers and Trust staff member Willie Mackinnon

COVID-19 safety precautions: Please observe current guidelines and common sense precautions in regard to minimising the potential spread of COVID-19. Facemasks should be worn when entering the Rural Centre to collect food and to use the facilities, and social distancing should be observed between household groups. Alcohol hand gel shall be available and should be used, particularly before eating.

Please be aware that attendees are advised not to wonder too far into other areas of the Rural Centre – particularly given that the recent cattle sale means there is some mess around just now and the lighting will be limited to the car park area and its entrance.


Why no big bonfire? – Due to high tides coinciding this year a beach location wasn’t felt to be the best choice. The Rural Centre also worked well as a venue for parking and food provision but would not be suitable for a large bonfire, and in any case due to staff changes at the Trust we were later in making a decision to go ahead and there wouldn’t have been much time to gather scrap wood, etc. We therefore came up with firepits as a compromise worth trying out this year – with the advantage of them being more controlled, can be spread out, and would also allow the addition of marshmallow toasting which we hope will prove popular!

What kind of fireworks will there be? – We did look into getting the quieter/silent fireworks so as to reduce impact on animals and pets, but our usual supplier was unable to source them this year – so it will be the standard type. There are also some supply issues currently for fireworks in the UK due to Brexit and COVID-19, which limited options. The display will be mainly a series of “cake” launchers plus a few big rockets.