Filling Station

Filling station Pricing Policy

As the filling station is community owned and operated, we are keen to be open and transparent about how our pricing policy for fuel and charging works. The station is not run on a for-profit basis, but it does have to cover all operating costs and build up a reserve against future costs such as eventual replacement of pumping equipment, large repairs, etc. Any surplus that remains at end of year is donated to the […]

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Filling Station Winter Opening Hours

From Monday 17th October we will begin our Winter Opening Hours for the Crossapol Filling Station. The new hours will be as follows: Monday               9am till 5pm Tuesday               9am till 5pm Wednesday        8am till 5pm Thursday             9am till 6pm Friday                    9am till 5pm Saturday              9am till 1pm

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Filling of containers for transporting fuel at the community filling station (including trailer towed vehicles)

Many people in Tiree may require fuel for use at home or at work, such as for fuelling petrol powered gardening equipment, diesel generators, etc. It is important to be aware that there are regulations and safety guidance regarding filling containers for transport of fuel, and on how much you are allowed to dispense and transport at one time. Failure to follow these restriction will mean that station staff are obliged to take action to […]

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