New high speed fibre optic broadband services are coming soon to Tiree. These fibre services will be delivered through the telephone network and supplied by new green telephone cabinets. In the first phase of the rollout to Tiree new cabinets have been installed at Crossapol, Balephetrish and Pier View in Scarinish.
The service and speed available to a particular household or business depends on two things – being connected to a fibre enabled cabinet and the distance (length of telephone line) from that cabinet. If the length of copper line to your property is up to 1km, you can expect ‘superfast’ speeds (24Mbps or better). Those at 2km can expect and uplift (depending on their current speeds), and beyond 2km speeds drop away fairly quickly and you may not see any benefit from the new services.
Customers who currently receive their service directly from telephone exchange in Scarinish will not be connected to the new fibre services at this time. BT are hopeful that there will be more coverage in future phases of work.
There is an online checker where you can put in your phone number or postcode to see if you are connected to one of the new cabinets (listed as Cabinets 1, 2 or 3) or if you are connected directly to the telephone exchange (listed as Exchange Only or EO)
Tiree Broadband will be taking advantage of the new faster speed available to significantly improve its internet connections. This will mean that we can offer better speeds to all of our existing subscribers and any new subscribers who need a faster internet connection that cannot be supplied by the fibre rollout.

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