Our Island, Our Future


Tiree Community Development Trust is managed by a board of voluntary directors who give up a very minimum of 5 hours per month to work on Trust related projects. The directors are highly involved in all aspects of the Trust and attend monthly board meetings. Directors also line manage and support Trust staff, each director being matched with staff according to specific interest and experience.

A maximum of 9 elected directors and 3 co-opted are allowed at any point. Directors stand for election each year at our yearly AGM. 

The current Trust Board (as of Nov 2021) are as follows:

Craig Smith

Ian Smith

Ann MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald

John Bowler 

Elspeth MacKinnon

Jacqui Bennett

Rhoda Meek

 The Trust Group also contains several wholly-owned subsidiary companies who each have a board of directors, which includes two or more “cross-over directors” from the Trust Board plus additional directors invited for their particular skills and interests and community representation.

We are always open to new expressions of interest to get involved in any of these boards – please contact the Trust General Manager for further information