CDP update July 2015



We are delighted to announce that Elaine Hayes has been chosen as the tenant for what will be the new community building in Crossapol, when the sale concludes later this month for the former I & F MacLeod store.


Elaine plans to open her new shop, called Bùth a’ Bhaile (Village Shop), at the end of the summer and will be stocking a range of grocery, fresh and frozen items. She has been managing Co-operative food stores in Glasgow for the last eight years but sees this as an ideal opportunity to settle back home on Tiree.


TCDT have been awarded £141,000 from the Scottish Land Fund to buy the building and will rent it to a private business but will have no involvement in the running of the business. The rent received will be reinvested in community projects.




CDP update June 2015

Land Fund Awards Tiree £141k for Crossapol Shop

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The Scottish Land Fund, which is Scottish Government money distributed by the Big Lottery Fund for communities to take ownership of land and assets, has awarded Tiree £141,000 towards buying the former I&F MacLeod shop building in Crossapol which closed down in February 2014.

Tiree Community Development Trust had been exploring the feasibility of a community shop, with paid employees but managed by a committee of volunteers but has now had approval from the funders to offer the shop out for lease to a private business at commercial rates, viewing this as a more sustainable model of community ownership with any profit generated from the rent being reinvested in community projects. TCDT already talking to parties who are interested in taking on the lease and will draw up a scoring matrix to help select the successful tenant.

The purchase price of £160,000 has been agreed with the owners, however the total project cost is £173,000, including all fees and a detailed structural survey and the balance of £32,000 will come from community funds generated by Tilley, the community wind turbine. The agreement also includes a plot of land to the east of the shop which will be retained by the community for future development following consultation. For more information on the project please contact or 01879 220074 or see project plan below.

Thanks to Scottish Government, The Big Lottery Fund and Highlands and Island Enterprise for supporting this project through SLF.


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CDP  update March 2015

Since the community stopped progressing with the idea of a community owned and run shop, TCDT has been considering the possibility of buying the former I & F MacLeod’s building to offer it for rent to a private business which would offer a valued service, like a food store, to the community. Some interest has been expressed by individuals or local businesses in renting the building if it does come up for rent.

We have formed a project plan based on this idea which includes both an options appraisal, looking at other potential uses, and a business plan. Click on the link below to view the project plan.


TCDT has discussed the proposal with the owners of the building and we have agreed a sale price of £160,000, subject to successful fund raising. The price was based on an independent valuation carried out with funding support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise and also includes an adjacent plot of land extending to around 1,600m2 which gives the opportunity to use the land to develop this project further following community consultation.


The consultation that took place as part of the Community Shop feasibility study clearly demonstrated that there is demand for a food store similar to I&F MacLeod’s. Although there was an element of concern at the impact on existing local businesses, at the community ballot 70% voted in favour. However most of the evidence gathered showed that the “community” element of the project was less important than the shop itself. Therefor this would present an opportunity for a private business to operate a shop or another service valued by our community, without having to find the means of buying the building.  To see the report from the Community Shop feasibility study please click the link below:

B Community Shop Feasibility Report

Two of TCDT’s main charitable objects are:

  • To promote employment opportunities.
  • To promote maintenance, improvement or provision of public amenities.

We are also reacting to two local issues which have been extensively raised at consultation events:

  1. Demand for an alternative food store, which compliments the Co-operative Food Store, to replace I&F MacLeod’s at the west end of Tiree.
  2. Demand for commercial space to rent on Tiree.

For more information on consultation evidence see the links below:

E A&B Council Consultation 2014 Tiree report

F Evidence of demand for business units

On the 20th March we submitted an application to the Big Lottery’s Scottish Land Fund for 80% of the purchase cost of the building, with the other 20% being committed from the ‘Community Investment Fund’, a fund which is being built up from the profits of Tilley the community wind turbine. The application includes some costs associated with planning a second phase development of the adjacent land including community consultation.  A decision on the funding bid is expected sometime in May. See project plan for a breakdown of funding applied for and committed.

If you have any questions relating to this project please contact the office on 01879 220 074 or