The upgrade and repair of Tilley, the community turbine at Ruaig, is happening in the period 2nd to 20th September. This will involve movement of bulky equipment and parts by the commercial cargo vessel Terra Marique.

Please be aware that there will be some heavy and slow vehicle movements in this period on the route between the Pier and the Turbine site which will effectively mean on a small number of occasions that the road will be closed for short periods.  We are expecting the first of these movements to be on Thursday 2nd September between 1pm and 3pm. TREL will provide updates locally via Facebook, poster and in person as the schedule firms up with as much warning as we are able to, once exact dates and times are known – subject to ferry schedule and weather impacts, etc.

TREL and our contractors are aware of the school bus times, the Tiree Ultra race, livestock sale dates, ferry sailings and shellfish lorry movements. So that we can minimise disruption as much as possible, please let us know on 220074 if there are any other times you would like operations to take into consideration (e.g. time sensitive medical or vet appointments).

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