Our Island, Our Future

Community Shop Voting Day on Saturday 29 March

?         What is a community shop?

?         Who owns it and how does it run?

?         Where does the money come from to establish a shop?

?         What happens to the profits?

These are just some of the questions that have been raised over the last few months since we’ve been thinking about a Community Shop for Tiree.

At the Community Open Day in June 2013, 90% of those who cast their vote said yes to the study of a community shop for the island and since then the Steering Group supported by the Trust have been very busy researching information to present to the community.

There will be a Community Shop Voting Day on Saturday 29 March. This will be an important opportunity to find out more about the feasibility study, ask questions, give your opinion, and to cast your all-important vote:–

‘Do you want a Community Shop on Tiree: Yes or No?’

To help us all to consider whether or not a community shop would be of benefit to the island, and whether or not we would like to see one established here on Tiree, the steering group will be sending out a booklet to every household on Tiree. This is being done to provide information for you to make an informed vote and you will receive the booklet mid-March

Meanwhile if you have any queries or require further information please contact Jackie at the Trust on 220074 or email jackie@tireetrust.org.uk