Childcare pilot survey

As part of the next steps of our work on a Childcare feasibility study for Tiree we are now exploring the demand for various childcare options, with a more specific survey. The survey seeks to clarify what Tiree parents would wish to use if we were to facilitate it being set up, and pin down what financial commitment Tiree parents could make to the cost of such a service/services. We encourage as many relevant people […]

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Childcare Feasibility Study report 2023

In late 2022 the Trust began working towards the goal of conducting an initial feasibility study for possible solutions to the childcare crisis in Tiree – a problem identified as one of the top priorities for the new Community Development Plan. We were fortunate enough to secure funding for this project, alongside the new Cruas pilot project, from Argyll and Bute Council’s Community-Led Learning and Development Fund, with the remaining funding from the Scottish Government […]

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Tiree Childcare Feasibility Project

The Trust is seeking candidates for a short-term piece of consultancy work (which could be delivered under an employment arrangement if preferred) to identify and report on potential solutions to the under-provision of childcare in Tiree that has been strongly raised as an issue by members of the community. This piece of work has been funded as part of a project receiving support from the Argyll and Bute Community Led Learning and Development Local Action […]

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