Build your own business website – An Talla—18 March 2014

Learn from scratch how to build and manage an attractive and effective website for your business. This course provides you with an overview of how to plan, develop and manage your website and will show you how simple it is to develop your own business website and keep it up to date yourself. It is ideal for businesses that don’t have their own website yet, or for those who do but want to take control of managing it.

No prior knowledge or skills other than basic web browsing and text editing skills are required to use this simple but powerful website building tool.

Improve your business website performance – An Talla—19 March 2014

Aimed at small businesses that already have a website, this workshop aims to increase the business generated through your existing website and is suitable for people own or currently in the process of building a website. No technical skills are necessary but basic PC skills are required.

The course will discuss the four key success factors of website development: visibility, appearance, functionality and compatibility. It will cover issues including graphic design, layout, navigation, the online sales process, search engine optimisation, browser compatibility and site feedback.

Introduction to Social Media and Developing a Strategy – 25 March 2014

Social Media has grown significantly in recent years and has become a vital part of the marketing mix. The workshop will give you an overview of how you can use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to interact with your customers and how to use these sites more effectively to promote and grow your business. Show you some of the tips and tricks that can make Social Media a business tool (as well as a fun way to engage with your customers!).

To find out more or to book a place contact the business gateway team!



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