The Trust Office

Urras Thiriodh, or Tiree Community Development Trust, is a charitable organisation that was set up to work towards long-term sustainable community development goals, and do our best to address vital service needs and improve the lives of the people who live here. We are community-led, run by an elected board of Tiree permanent residents.

You will find our office based within the Island Centre, Crossapol. Our office includes a public visitor information point, with an accessible toilet and baby changing facility open to the public during office hours.

Our Mission Statement To encourage and facilitate the sustainable development of the Isle of Tiree, with due regard to the unique culture, heritage and environment of the Island.

Legal Structure Tiree Community Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No. SC 292902) and a registered charity (Scottish Charity No. SC 037018). We also operate as Parent of a Company Group containing four subsidiary trading companies wholly owned by us.

Our Rules of Engagement One of the key learning points over the early years of our development has been the importance of communication.  Communication is vital to the Trust achieving its vision and for the Tiree community and we take our responsibility for this very seriously . It would be very useful if we could have some constructive feedback on what is working and what you feel we need to improve.  So please support, guide and help us to build a solid foundation for Tiree to embrace the changes, opportunities and developments it faces.

Our Terms of Engagement are

  • To be inclusive for the whole Community
  • We will endeavour to acknowledge your communication within 3 working days.
  • Our key communication channels are regular updates in An Tirisdeach, public meetings in Tiree, our office and our website.

We welcome your questions and constructive feedback but please respect that we are a small, very busy team. Communication is a two way process and we aim for an inclusive approach to enable us to inform the community on Tiree. In all of our communications we will endeavour to be

  • respectful
  • clear
  • professional

and we feel that it is reasonable to expect the same of those corresponding with us.

Fair Work:

Tiree Community Development Trust is committed to playing its part in the Fair Work Convention’s vision that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world-leading working life where fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society. We are therefore developing a workplace that is built on the five key dimensions of Fair Work: effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect.

You can read our Fair Work Plan statement here

We are proud to pay at or above Real Living Wage for all staff and contractors, and it is a condition of tendering for work with us that contractors do the same.

Usage policy for material used on this site and any other site or publications under the Trust Group: Text information is provided for public benefit and may be shared and further distributed freely, with an attribution/link back to the source page. Photographs used on the websites or materials of any Trust project or subsidiary may not be used by third parties for any other purposes without the consent of the owner of the image. If you have a query regarding the use of an image, or wish to offer us the use of images for Trust purposes please contact photos@tireetrust.org.uk

key facts

Ownership of 7 Community Assets

Currently we own 7 community assets including; a wind turbine, 2 harbours, a shop, an electric minibus, an art installation and a filling station.

A Team of 13 Staff

We are a growing team of 13 staff, both part-time and full time.

We are Community Led

All of our Board directors must be residents of Tiree and this ensures the we are led with the community interests at the heart of everything we do.

Our team

Phyl Meyer

General Manager

Phyl joined the Trust as General Manager in June 2021 and has experience leading in areas of staff support, organisation administration, finances and fundraising and supporting a busy team to run multiple projects

Kate Bauen

Operations and Admin Manager

Kate is responsible for Trust Operations, manages the office and provides project and process support to the Trust Board, subsidiaries, teams and projects.

Shari MacKinnon

Finance and Admin Officer

Shari provides financial admin support for the Trust Group. This involves good record keeping using Sage, invoicing, payroll etc. If there is something Shari doesn’t know about Excel, it’s not worth knowing!!

Augustijn van Gaalen

Projects Officer

Morven MacArthur

Projects Officer

Brodie Sim

Projects Officer

Team Member Name


Emmie Martin

Community Support Officer & Events Officer

Emmie is responsible for the Cruas Project. She runs the behind-the-scenes admin, including writing project proposals, funding applications, developing long-term plans for the Cruas Project, and connecting with similar projects across the islands. She is also a qualified career adviser! She is also the Events Officer for the Trust, planning events such as the fireworks and Christmas lights switch-on.

Fiona Armstrong

Community Support Officer

Fiona is also responsible for the Cruas Project. She undertakes home visits to residents and supports applications to the Cruas Fund.

Lauren MacArthur

Operations and Admin Assistant Cuideachaidh Gàidhlig

Lauren is responsible for assisting the Ops Managers with admin tasks and is the neach-cuideachaidh Gaidhlig (Gaelic Assitant). Lauren's local knowledge is also invaluable to the team

Our Ranger Hayley with a lamb on her lap and a cup of tea!

Hayley Douglas

Tiree Ranger

Hayley is responsible for safeguarding and promoting the island’s environment , including monitoring responsible access in line with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, delivering wildlife walks & environmental activities, engaging with visitors, managing the croft site camping scheme and much more.

Willie MacKinnon

Youth Work Coordinator

Willie is our Youth Work Coordinator and is responsible for updating and delivering our Youth Development Plan, focusing on creating new opportunities, organising fun, healthy activities and learning new skills.

Team Member Name


Team Member Name