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We are delighted to announce that the Windfall is re-opening for community-focused events and projects.

You might have noticed that Tilley is not currently turning due to an issue with the generator. This will reduce income for the Trust this year, and Directors are keenly aware that Tilley is moving into the second half of her lifespan.

We can no longer get insurance for Tilley. That means that for repairs and decommissioning costs, we must self-insure. The Trust are building up the reserves to cover these eventualities – and this does mean that less money is readily available.

We must prepare for a future beyond Tilley’s lifespan. We are exploring ideas that have the potential to provide new income and other benefits in a post-Tilley Tiree. However, it is unlikely that any of those would generate the amount of money for the community that Tilley has. A like-for-like replacement may not be viable at present based on shifting policy – such as feed-in tariffs and funding – but we will certainly be considering every avenue.

In the meantime, the Directors of the Trust and TREL are reviewing how we can manage and use income from Tilley in ways that maximise the benefits – both now and in the future.

Anyone wishing to apply for support should therefore request an application form by contacting us at or call us 01879 220 074