Our Island, Our Future

Transitioning out of the current lockdown arrangements The Scottish Government’s request for public engagement  

Tiree’s Community Council would like to encourage local residents and all those who have a connection to Tiree to participate in this ‘Framework for Decision making” consultation as our views need to be heard.   

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon emphasised the need for transparency when she launched the framework and invited the people of Scotland to engage in this conversation to help us take the next steps to navigate to a new normal.    

‘To help us in that process, we are launching today an online tool that gives people the opportunity to offer their ideas and reflections on how we should move forward. We are listening. Each community of Scotland has been affected, and will recover, in a different way and it is crucial that businesses, unions, councils, public services and community groups are also part of this discussion Today we are initiating public engagement through a digital platform, to allow members of the public to engage with the issues, evidence and analysis we are setting out through publications such as this and those that will follow.   

The link for the consultation platform is:  


The consultation closes on the 11th May 2020