Wild Diamond Watersports & Campsite: open

Wild Diamond and Balinoe Campsite are both operational, but with limited numbers.

For us it is normal hours of operation but our shop location is now at the waters edge at Loch Bhasapol as opposed to our house at Cornaig.

We ask that the public refrain from use of the loch area unless they are coming to engage in Watersports with us. So ideally no human traffic on the site before or after our trading times. We can not control the spread of the virus if we don’t know who is on site, touching what and when and the loch is our primary place of business.

Contact details below:

William Maclean
Wild Diamond (Watersports, Surf Shop & Campsite)

Mob: 077121 59205

Wild Diamond Watersports & Campsite: open
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