Update From Tiree Medical Practice 9th November

Update from the Medical Practice 9th November 

Concerns have been raised by some about possible Covid-19 outbreaks on the island and the issuing of public notices regarding this.

It is a matter of NHS trust policy that public notification of outbreaks of Covid-19 only take place under the remit of Public Health.  These are made in order to trace contacts or to reduce particular sources of spread. 

We appreciate that people are anxious to keep the risk to themselves and others of Covid-19 infection to the lowest possible level. For that reason, we would urge everyone at all times to follow the Government guidance of social distancing, testing when needed and self isolation when advised to do so.

We would encourage everyone to consider it possible that Covid-19 is here on Tiree at any time, as we all would when on the mainland.

If at any time you develop symptoms of a new persistent cough, fever or loss or change in sense of taste or smell, it is vitally important that you contact the GP practice.  We will offer you a test. If you test positive, you will be contacted by contact tracers and advised on self isolation.  

Please be assured that both testing and your test results will be remain confidential.  Others will only be advised that someone (not you by name) has tested positive if they are a contact, or is there is a specific reason that they need to be informed. 

Further information on symptoms, testing and other Covid-19 advice for Scotland can be found at the link  below.


Update From Tiree Medical Practice 9th November
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